“Voxopop”. Join the conversation

This is the last tool I have been exploring. VOXOPOP, a webtool to create online recorded conversations to practise spoken languages.

We can create public or restricted conversation groups, and our students can make their own recordings at home.

This is an example of activity using Voxopop. The students have been asked to join the Third Grade group and record a personal description of themselves.

Clic on the image:


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Exploring “Storybird”

Storybird contains art-inspired stories with lots of possibilities.

You can find stories to read online, share or embed, and also create your own.

Clic on the image to read my Storybird.


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“Taxgedo” is a web tool that turns any text into a word cloud. It offers more possibilities to play with text than “Wordle”. Visually is more attractive.
In this, you can see my blog’s word cloud. Compare with Wordle’s one and choose.



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Exploring “Storyjumper”

Today I have been checking “Storyjumper”. A web tool to create your own books.

You can make adventure stories, fairy tales, treasure maps, photo books, calendars… whatever you can imagine!

What you have to do is to select the scenes and the crops, or upload your own. For instance, could be drawings made by your students. And write a text.

The books contains seventeen pages to fill up. Try it, it’s easy to use. Children will love it.

This book I have build is a translated story invented by my 8 years son, Iván.

Clic on the image to read it:


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Checking “Dvolver”

“Dvolver” is a moviemaker tool. You can create your own animated films following some easy steps. This is an basic example. Clic on the image:


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Checking “Zooburst”

ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool that lets anyone easily create his or her own 3D pop-up books. Using ZooBurst, storytellers of any age can create their own rich worlds in which their stories can come to life.

I have created a story about a mini-giant using  this tool. Check on the image to watch and read it:


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Checking Wordle

I have created a Wordle entering this blog’s URL. This is the result. Clic on it to see full size:

Wordle: Get involved with English



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